Application Note: Nanoscopy meets Lifetime: Introducing τ-STED
20 September 2021

Fluorescence lifetime provides a new perspective for STED nanoscopy. With the unique τ-STED functionality from Leica Microsystems, your scientific research will benefit from super-resolution STED offering excellent performance with a much lower light dose and getting rid of undesired background signal. τ-STED combines the optical signals from STED and the photophysical information from the fluorescence lifetime at unprecedented speeds. This new approach to STED uses phasor analysis in a novel way. τ-STED enables an increased STED resolution and elimination of uncorrelated background noise, even at low excitation and STED powers. 

In this application note, find out how you can use τ-STED to perform:

  • STED imaging at cutting-edge resolution with dramatically lower excitation and STED light dose
  • Gentle live-cell STED imaging for extended time-lapse experiments
  • Multicolor applications with the best STED probes