Application Note: Label-Free SoPRano™ Gold Nano-Rod (GNR) Assays on a Spectrometer-Based Microplate Reader
22 July 2012

A label-free SoPRano™ assay from PharmaDiagnostics benefits from fast, full-spectrum analysis found on all BMG LABTECH spectrometer-based microplate readers. The label-free SoPRano™ assay uses the Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) properties of Gold Nano Rods (GNRs) to determine protein-protein interaction such as antibody-antigen binding. The change in LSPR signal upon protein binding can be measured as an absorbance change in the max, which is easily detected with a BMG LABTECH spectrometer-based microplate reader. Read BMG LABTECH’s application note for more details.