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Scientific Poster: Implementation of Cisbio’s HTRF® M1 Muscarinic Receptor Related Assays on CyBio Liquid Handling Solutions for Small and High Throughput
28 October 2014

As a reference screening technology, HTRF® is commonly used by drug discovery researchers during high throughput screening operations. Besides this, HTRF “mix & read” assays are increasingly run under medium or lower throughput as an alternative to other technologies, bringing more flexibility, robustness and easiness in daily lab practice. For the purpose of the present study, Muscarinic M1 receptor was selected and assessed with different CyBio liquid handling devices for small and high throughput. Both HTRF assays were performed with the semi-automatic pipettor CyBi-SELMA® 96/25 µl which is a reliable tool to handle low sample numbers. Selected pharmacological results were checked against data generated by the CyBio robotic workstation for HTS to compare the reliability and reproducibility of both CyBio liquid handling stations at different automation levels.