Application Note: How to determine if Green Fume Hoods are right for your laboratory
4 June 2020

There are many considerations that must be analyzed when adding or replacing a chemical fume hood in your lab.  One of the initial decisions is whether to consider using a Green Fume Hood (a filtered, recirculating fume hood) or to just stay with a conventional ducted fume hood.  Many people unknowingly and incorrectly limit the applications for Green Fume Hoods (GFH) to just those historically considered most appropriate for ‘ductless’ fume hoods.  GFH Filtration Technology contains the most advanced molecular filtration, reliable breakthrough detection and network communications; thereby allowing it to safely replace many ducted hood applications.  Investing the time to honestly consider using a Green Fume Hood can deliver a lifetime of safety and savings when compared to the ducted alternatives.