Application Note: Determination of PAH Compounds from Aqueous Samples Using a Non-Halogenated Extraction Solvent and Atlantic C18 Disks
24 December 2015

This application note describes the extraction of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) compounds listed by the US Environmental Protection Agency as priority pollutants, from aqueous samples using the Horizon SPE-DEX 4790 automated SPE extraction system. PAHs are ubiquitous environmental contaminants, naturally occurring in coal, crude oil, gasoline, and their byproducts (e.g. coal tar or creosote). In addition, PAHs are formed in the incomplete combustion processes of all organic materials, such as wood or fossil fuels. The method described uses a non-halogenated, non-polar solvent for the extraction of PAH compounds, which has proven to be a safer than solvents such as DCM and eliminates the problem of residual water in the final extracts.