Application eBook: Data integrity: Weighing in a regulated environment
11 October 2019

Weighing in a highly regulated environment can be challenging, with stringent compliance directives and controls that must be met to ensure data safety and traceability, whilst delivering accurate and reliable results.

Violation of data integrity standards can not only impact decision making but could also have serious consequences for human health and safety. In fact, concerns on improper data integrity processes were the major reason for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulator actions in recent years.

In this application-based eBook, we look at how the adaptable, high-performance Cubis® II balance series from Sartorius helps to meet the ever-demanding regulatory needs of the pharmaceutical industry with end-to-end data integrity and regulatory compliance, and cover:

  • Data handling and integrity
  • Traceability and compliance
  • Digital documentation
  • Integrated informatics