Application Note: Concentrating a Suite of Semi-Volatile Compounds from EPA Method 625 Using the New Biotage TurboVap® II
15 April 2019

There are a wide range of volatile and semi-volatile contaminants finding their way into both terrestrial bodies and water sources worldwide. In the United States (US), the contaminants are analyzed according to stipulated US-EPA methods. In the European Union (EU), a large number of these same compounds are tested according to the European Water Framework Directive. Though these analytes are approached differently from a regulatory perspective, it is clear that background monitoring occurs on a global basis. Initial extraction of these analytes depends on the matrix being analyzed and is often a multifaceted process, but ultimately analysts are presented with some form of extraction/organic solvent they must concentrate to achieve instrumental limits of quantification. Presented within this technical note are the results of such an evaporative process using the new Biotage TurboVap® II.