Application eBook: Automating cell line development for biologics: A complete guide
24 October 2022

In the context of biopharmaceuticals such as vaccines, recombinant proteins, and revolutionary gene and antibody therapies, cell line development (CLD) is the process by which host cell machinery is leveraged through the generation of biologic-producing cell lines to manufacture crucial components. However, the process of producing a desired lineage is often a long and arduous process, with numerous steps and challenges.

This dedicated guide takes a detailed, application-based look at automated cell line development innovations and workflows with the aim of addressing these challenges, spanning the entire biologics pipeline from cell line engineering and selection, to characterization and process development.

Download to explore content including:

  • An introduction to accelerated workflows
  • Optimization of transfection conditions
  • Efficient cell line development with enrichment
  • Limiting dilution for monoclonality
  • Automating data handling
  • Ensuring data integrity for hit picking
  • Applied automated workflows