Application Note: Application of MultiCyt QBeads for High Throughput Cytokine Profiling in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
28 September 2017

Aberrant production and/or secretion of proteins have long-reaching effects for physiological processes, and dysfunctional signaling is implicated in virtually all diseases. The detection and quantification of proteins in solution provides key information for researchers in therapeutic areas ranging from cancer and immune function to aging and regeneration. In the case of immune function, an appropriate response involves a coordinated set of signals across multiple cell types and the regulation of such responses depends on cytokine-dependent cell-to-cell communication. These complex signaling pathways between cells are an important target across the drug discovery process, from primary screening to toxicity profiling. This application note describes how cytokine profiling in human blood cells can be carried out using Intellicyt's MultiCyt QBeads.