Application Note: A Sensitive and Rapid Estimation of Leuprolide in Human Plasma
12 June 2013

This application note demonstrates that the combination of Oasis SPE
Technology, the ACQUITY UPLC System with a BEH 300 C18
column, and the Xevo TQ-S Mass Spectrometer combine to
enable the development of an assay for Leuprolide with an
LLOQ of 5 pg/mL in human plasma.

The UPLC chromatograms demonstrate not only better
chromatography, but also better resolution compared to the data
obtained from any conventional HPLC systems. The assay reported
in this study showed excellent reproducibility, specificity, and
robustness. Despite the complicated nature of this analytical
challenge, the overall cycle time for the UPLC/MS/MS experiments
reported in this study was about 3 minutes.