Application Note: The BioFLECT/CTTM system: A “non-isotopic preclinical SPECT and PET system”
10 June 2013

Bioscan’s BioFLECT™ (Fluorescence Emission Computed Tomography)
system is the first commercialized real 3D optical imaging system on the
market that offers the ability to non-invasively image and quantify
temporal changes in fluorescence throughout the body of murine
models. Unlike 2D optical imaging systems, the detectors on the
BioFLECT™ are placed on a ring that surrounds the animal in a 360-
degree configuration. This methodology allows for much higher sampling
of both excitation and emission photons for each position of the
excitation laser. This technology is necessary to improve the sensitivity
and the resolution required for accurate quantitation of deep foci within
the subject.