Application Note: Verification of the ContraCon decontamination routine with the Cytomat 10 C Incubator
24 April 2020

Even though aseptic cell culture practices are well known, contamination is still an issue that can occur through inadequately aseptic handling or the use of contaminated media or inoculant. Mitigating contamination risk is especially important for devices, such as incubators, where microbes encounter optimal growth conditions. Automated systems with integrated handling components and sensors need a special strategy to prevent contamination and keep the technical equipment sterile. In this application note, Thermo Fisher Scientific verifies the ContraCon™ decontamination routine (9 hours, 90 °C, moist heat >80% relative humidity) at defined positions within the Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 10 automated incubator.