Application eBook: User guide to simplified & optimized multiplexing cell analysis
13 October 2020

Cell-based assays make up a large part of the workload for many laboratories. However, the major problem cell biologists often encounter when conducting in vitro cell-based assays is the lack of reproducibility of data. This can result from a range of factors, including physiological conditions, the use of end-point assays, and limitations in cell imaging technology. 

In this eBook, learn how advances in cell-based technology such as real-time live-cell imaging and image-based cytometry can bring higher levels of automation, reproducibility, and flexibility to your cell-based research.

The eBook covers optimized multiplexing cell analysis protocols for:

  • Cell counting and confluence analysis
  • Imaging-based analysis of cellular transfection efficiency
  • Imaging-based assessment of cell viability and cytotoxicity
  • Analysis of cell death
  • Image-based detection of apoptosis
  • Normalizing cellular fluorescence
  • Monitoring intracellular calcium
  • Real-time experimental control for cell-based assays
  • Real-time experimental control for live cell fluorescence reporter applications