Application Note: Triphenyl Phosphate Measurement in Drinking Water using Automated Solid Phase Extraction
2 November 2018

Triphenyl phosphate is used as a plasticizer and flame retardant. It is found in foam and televisions as a flame retardant, in candy wrappers, nail polish and other consumer products. It has come into more common use as a safe alternative to polydibrominated ether (PDBE) compounds which were good flame retardants, but found to be a health hazard and have been phased out in many materials. Triphenyl phosphate has become a chemical of concern in several countries. In the US there are airborne exposure limits developed by OSHA. Although triphenyl phosphate is not on the California prop list, which would require listing in public places, there is concern that human exposure may be significant. Recent studies have also indicated concern about possible endocrine disruptor capability. A recent study found that triphenyl phosphate can be absorbed into the body from nail polish. The study found that levels of a metabolite, diphenyl phosphate were elevated seven fold in urine several hours after the nail polish was applied.