Application Note: Towards High-Throughput Analysis of Salmonella Serotypes: A Fundamental Look at Protein Profiles, Proteomes and Secretomes of Serovar Typhimurium and Enteritidis
2 October 2015

Current conventional workflows used to study and differentiate Salmonella serotypes have been known to be both challenging and time consuming. This study aims to improve the fundamental understanding of the different molecular and metabolic signatures via MS from specific serotypes through proteins, and include complementary-omics methods using peptides and metabolomics. A combinatorial strategy using extract profiling and LC-MS based quantitative cataloging is presented. From this, a multi-omics based analysis was demonstrated to correctly identify key high abundance biomarker from protein mass signatures, peptides and metabolites that can be used quantitatively as a basis of future high throughput assay development for improved classification.