Application eBook: Time-saving hematology solutions to improve clinical lab efficiency
20 December 2022

Time-saving hematology staining solutions eBook front cover and first page preview

Routine slide staining plays a critical role within many clinical labs, particularly those working in hematology. Currently, there is a large variability in staining methodologies and staining techniques vary from lab to lab. Achieving consistency and standardization is an ongoing challenge for clinical labs performing staining and also looking at ways to accelerate the speed of diagnosis.

In this second edition application eBook, we present case studies and interviews with diagnostics experts and clinical scientists, providing insight and advice on streamlined and standardized staining workflows to help deliver a more precise and timely diagnosis.

Download your copy for free to learn more about:

  • Efficient blood smear and bone marrow staining workflows
  • Why clinical labs are choosing to go digital for quick and accurate blood differentials
  • Coupling slide staining technology with digital analysis for more precise in vitro diagnostics
  • Automated solutions for consistent slide staining and analysis