Product Brochure: The science of great preparation: Introducing the MPS 320 Microwave Digestion System
16 March 2023

In this product brochure, PerkinElmer introduces the MPS 320™ Microwave Digestion System. In environmental, food, cannabis, and pharmaceutical or manufacturing QA/QC testing, achieving reliable, reproducible results depends on the quality of your sample preparation. A microwave digestion system is often the first step in any successful trace elemental analysis workflow. 

The MPS 320 is an easy-to-use microwave digestion system that accommodates a wide range of sample matrices and applications. The instrument is designed to be top-loading, ruggedized, reliable, and safe for anyone in the lab to operate. It promises a choice of closed-vessel digestion, a requirement for working with volatile compounds, or unique, easy-to-use auto-venting vessels. You can also choose from high-performance 8 and 16-position rotors or opt for a high-throughput 32-position setup.