Application Note: Standard-compliant element analysis of silicon carbide and mixtures containing silicon carbide with combustion analyzers
30 March 2023

Elemental analyzers are important tools for quality control of a wide range of products. A variety of matrices, such as ceramics, coal, steel or soil, can be analyzed for their element concentrations with different types of instruments. The product range of Eltra GmbH, comprises analyzers for C, H, N, S, O and thermogravimetry which allow for the standard-compliant determination of carbon in various chemical bondings, as well as oxygen and nitrogen in silicon carbide (SiC) and in materials containing SiC. The European standard series EN ISO 21068 (2008) regulate the chemical analysis of silicon carbide and raw materials containing silicon carbide. Part 1 deals with sampling, part 2 with the chemical analysis of carbon, silicon and loss of ignition and part 3 covers metal analysis and determination of oxygen and nitrogen concentrations. Eltra combustion analyzers are well suited for the quality control of refractory and ceramic products which contain silicon carbide. In this application note, Verder Scientific outlines the possibilities and limits of elemental analyzers when dealing with these materials.