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Application eBook: Simplify & optimize multiplexing cell analysis
3 October 2023

Organoids: Overcome the challenges of high-throughput 3D imaging and analysis eBook preview

From cell viability to fluorescence reporter applications, this eBook presents an in-depth analysis of how advances in cell-based technology – such as real-time live-cell imaging and image-based cytometry – are bringing higher levels of automation, reproducibility, and flexibility to cell-based research. 

Download your free copy of this third edition eBook to find out about:

  • Simplified cell-based assay workflows  
  • In vitro drug screening on cancer cells  
  • DNA damage response in cancer cells  
  • A multiplexed approach for 3D cancer model analysis 
  • Enhanced cell line development with rapid whole-well imaging  
  • Multi-color apoptosis detection   
  • Real-time quantification of programmed cell death  
  • A more complete picture of cell death   
  • Cell model development for SARS-CoV-2 infection studies  
  • Normalization of cellular signals