Application Note: SepsiTest™-UMD – Single Protocol Direct Molecular Diagnosis of Pathogens in Diverse Samples
8 November 2018

SepsiTest™-UMD is the new CE-IVD approved brand that marks the fusion of two former tools for the culture-independent molecular diagnosis of pathogens, SepsiTest™ and UMD-Universal. SepsiTest™-UMD uses only a single protocol for the DNA extraction and Real-Time PCR analysis of a variety of routine fluid and tissue specimens. The tool is characterized by reported clinical evaluations. Like culture diagnosis, SepsiTest™-UMD follows an unbiased approach of analyzing microorganisms. As yet, >750 bacteria and fungi have been identified in clinical material. Unlike culture which needs days to results, SepsiTest™-UMD can identify pathogens within hours, including those prevailing but not proliferating in the body due to antibiotic inhibition or not growing because of fastidious growth demands.