Application Note: Reduction in Pipette Tip Consumable Cost and Waste In the Molecular Biology
22 August 2017

As the number of samples processed in labs using high-throughput processes has increased, there has been a corresponding rise in the level of waste, such that in 2010, four million pounds of plastic pipette tips were disposed of after just one use. It can take 200-400 years for typical plastics to degrade under standard conditions. Furthermore, given that one ton of recycled plastic saves 5774 kWh of electricity, recycling all of these tips would conserve enough electricity to power 1354 homes or 200,486 laptops for one year. The TipNovus high-throughput automated pipette tip cleaning system from Grenova enables laboratories to safely reuse sanitized tips and thereby reduce cost and waste output. Once tips have been reused the maximum number of times (governed by the individual laboratory), they can be washed once more and recycled.