Application Note: ProClin™ Biocidal Preservative - An alternate to sodium azide for diagnostic assays
23 February 2021

ProClin™ preservatives are among the most widely used biocides in the IVD industry, used in over 1,000 FDA registered IVD kits from industry leading manufacturers. At low working concentrations, ProClin™ preservatives can help extend the shelf life of IVD reagents by effectively and immediately inhibiting a broad spectrum of microbes. ProClin™ preservatives attack the Krebs cycle at four key points; the enzymes pyruvate dehydrogenase, α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase, succinate dehydrogenase, and NADH dehydrogenase. Because all bacteria and fungi possess at least part of the Krebs cycle, ProClin™ preservatives are broad spectrum in their activity.