Application Note: Multiplexing DyLight Infra red 680 and 800 dyes
15 November 2018

Life sciences research has recently seen a trend towards the application of fluorescence-based detection of proteins on Western blots. Using fluorescence based fluorophores increases sample throughput and can make multiplexing several fluorophores less time consuming. Near-infrared has been shown to significantly reduce background autofluorescene and this has therefore generated a trend towards NIR fluorophores such as, IRDye® 680LT and IRDye® 800CW from LI-COR® and DyLight® dyes from ThermoFisher which provide enhanced detection sensitivity and quantification of proteins. The DyLight dyes offer intense signal whilst maintaining excellent photo-stability and water solubility across a broad range of pH values. Another advantage of using DyLight dyes is that they are competitively priced and permit the use of lower conjugate concentrations to be used.