Application Note: Microbial detection: Solutions for microbiology quality control
6 September 2019

The advancement of cellular therapeutics requires complex biological approaches, making it important to confirm cellular viability and identity, product consistency, efficacy/potency and, critically, microbiological safety of released products. However, with growth-based quality control (QC) releases accounting for long time periods, identifying and reducing potential sources of contamination at all stages of the development workflow for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) is essential. These steps are critical to ensuring product compliance and patient safety.

In this application-based eBook, we look at quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) applications for microbial detection and show how cutting-edge technologies, such as the Microsart® microbial detection kits from Sartorius, help to deliver smarter tools for microbiological quality control, including:

  • Microbial detection procedures and technologies
  • Quantitative analysis using PCR-based applications and next-generation sequencing
  • Avoiding contamination with reliable pipetting techniques
  • Increased accuracy with rapid detect microbial detection kits and guidelines.