Application Note: Measuring zeta streaming potential of cannabis emulsions simultaneously with STABINO ZETA and NANOTRAC FLEX
29 March 2023

In this application note, Microtrac MRB demonstrates the simultaneous determination of several parameters from cannabis emulsions within a few seconds, including zeta potential, streaming potential, pH, and size range. Dynamic light scattering and zeta potential were used to characterize CBD nanoemulsion that was created using a microfluidizer. Five liquid solutions were involved in the creation of the final nanoemulsion with the desired particle size. The resultant cannabis nanoemulsions were analyzed using both the NANOTRAC FLEX and the STABINO ZETA to determine the surface charge density, stability, zero point of charge, and size distribution. Download this free application note to discover more on the measurement of zeta streaming potential, including the results and summary of these analyses.