Application Note: LC-MS/MS analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances
6 February 2023

In this application note, UCT outlines the LC-MS/MS analysis of 40 different PFAS as per EPA 1633 third draft method. UCT’s SelectraCore® C18 HPLC column was utilized for the analysis, while a short (5 cm) C18 delay column was used to reduce potential PFAS contamination from the HPLC system. SelectraCore® C18 column was able to achieve a baseline separation for many critical analytes, some of which are the branched vs linear isomers as in the case of PFHxS and PFOS. A calibration curve specific to each analyte was performed according to the guidelines written in the method. All compounds were found to be linear with R 2 values > 0.99.