Application eBook: Immunoassay solutions for investigation of cancer research cell signaling pathways
21 February 2023

Researchers are continuously exploring new ways to gain a deeper understanding of the complex pathways that drive the development, growth, and proliferation of cancer cells. This eBook explores a key type of technology used in the investigation of cancer research cell signaling pathways. 

Immunoassays are one of the many essential tools used in cancer research to better understand the mechanisms underlying the development of cancer.

In this free eBook, you’ll discover how these assays have been designed to help cancer researchers gain new insights and better optimize their workflows by saving valuable time and paving the way for new scientific discoveries. This expert guide includes key information on the latest cutting-edge and highly sensitive technology, such as the AlphaLISA and HTRF immunoassay solutions.

The eBook also covers: 

  • How to effectively target cyclin-dependent kinase signaling pathways in cancer therapy
  • DNA damage-induced phosphorylation 
  • Characterizing compounds modulating fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathways