Application eBook: High-content imaging for diverse 3D cell culture models
24 September 2020

3D cell models are morphologically diverse with varying characteristics based on the cell type and the underlying research questions. In this application compendium, we bring you helpful case studies to perform high-content imaging on a range of 3D models and resolve common challenges experienced in 3D cell culture assays.

Learn how to capture in-depth and high-quality images of spheroids, stem cells, organs-on-chips and whole organisms and read case studies from the scientists developing 3D cell assays to delve into the complex biology of neurodegenerative disease, angiogenesis and tumor microenvironment.

The eBook covers 3D high-content imaging protocols for:

  • Characterizing compound effects on 3D cells in extracellular matrix
  • Screening cancer therapeutics in spheroids
  • Morphological characterization of 3D neuronal networks in an organ-on-a-chip model
  • Characterization of angiogenesis in an organ-on-a-chip model 
  • High-throughput imaging assays using zebrafish 
  • High-content 3D toxicity assay using iPSC-derived hepatocyte spheroids