Application Note: E-selectin offering hope for improved cancer therapies
14 May 2024

In a recent publication, Marie Rütter et al. presents a promising method targeting the upregulation of a cell adhesion molecule (CAM) implicated in supporting metastatic cancer cell growth and pro-inflammatory leukocytes. By focusing on E-selectin, previously shown to reduce metastatic burden in lung and colon cancer, the authors developed P-Esbp-Dox, a specific anti-cancer drug bound to an agent targeting E-selectin. This treatment extended survival time in mice with lung cancer and treated lung metastases effectively. The study expanded to treating colorectal cancer (CRC) and liver metastases, showing promising results in aggressive mouse models. Scintica highlights how this study underscores E-selectin as a safe and viable target for drug delivery, offering hope for improved cancer therapies, with advanced imaging techniques facilitating longitudinal analysis and reducing the need for sacrificial analysis at multiple time points.