Application Note: Comparison of Coagulation Parameters in Greiner VACUETTE® 1ml 9NC Coagulation Sodium Citrate Premium Sandwich Tube and Minicollect® Coagulation Tube
31 May 2017

This application note aims to provide a comparison of VACUETTE® 9NC Coagulation sodium citrate Premium sandwich tubes and MiniCollect® Coagulation tube to demonstrate the equivalence of the tested tubes. Venous blood with sodium citrate is the most commonly obtained examination sample for coagulation determinations. However, blood collected by skin puncture, is composed of a mixture of blood from the arterioles, venoles and capillaries, it may also be diluted with interstitial and intracellular fluid. Therefore, falsified test results can occur when using capillary blood due to tissue fluid contamination during skin-puncture procedures. The data showed equal results with no statistically significant differences between the two tubes.