Application eBook: Bioprocessing: Solutions for vaccine development
8 November 2021

Vaccination has remained one of the most effective methods in the fight against viral diseases such as influenza. In this COVID-19 era, unprecedented pressure has been placed on the vaccine industry due to a surge in demand for efficient and quickly available vaccine technology.

Download this eBook to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the landscape of global vaccine development, and discover the workflows and technologies that could accelerate your vaccine research. Filled with application notes, product guides, and expert insights to support your vaccine research and development, this bioprocessing eBook provides you with content including:

  • Learnings from a pandemic
  • Handling & storage of viral samples
  • Cell lines, media & bioreactor options
  • HEK293 suspension culture
  • Easy perfusion for anchorage-dependent cell culture
  • High-density Vero cell perfusion culture