Application Note: Automated high-capacity sorptive extraction
12 April 2024

Within the food industry, there is an increasing need to monitor product safety and quality to understand flavor composition, taint, and product contamination, and how these relate to both consumer satisfaction and effects on human health. This analysis requires a detailed understanding of individual components, but conventional approaches struggle to provide the necessary sensitivity. Markes International demonstrates the use of high-capacity sorptive extraction, HiSorb™, with multi-step enrichment (MSE) on the Centri® platform for enhancing the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contributing to the overall aroma and flavor of a breakfast cereal product. MSE results showed a more comprehensive sample profile when compared to a single HiSorb extraction and provided improved confidence in the identification of trace-level compounds of interest, such as food additives, contaminants, and compounds with potential toxicity.