Application Note: Applications of MolYsis™ Host DNA Removal in CultureIndependent Molecular Analysis of Bacteria and Fungi
8 November 2018

In samples from infected humans and animals host DNA is present in vast excess to microbial DNA. Unspecific primer binding to host DNA decreases the sensitivity and specificity of molecular analysis of the microbial DNA. The MolYsis™ technology provides a solution to this problem by removing the host DNA before extraction of microbial DNA. The MolYsis™ Basic kits can be prefixed to any commercial or in-house DNA purification procedure. The MolYsis™ Complete and Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep kits comprise the entire process of human DNA removal and microbial DNA purification. With the MolYsis-SelectNA™plus a fully automated version of the technology is available. All kit components are guaranteed free of contaminating microbial DNA. This application note summarizes clinical and other applications of MolYsis™ sample pre-treatment in conjunction with a variety of analytical m