Application Note: Amino acid analysis using Andrew+ Automated Preparation
6 December 2023

Amino acids are the most basic components that make up proteins, making them essential components of cell culture media and food stuffs. Monitoring and optimizing amino acid components of bioreactor media is essential for ensuring the best growing conditions for the cells. Likewise, it is necessary to confirm that food products meet specified requirements. The preparation and analysis of samples is a time-consuming process. Automated laboratory preparation systems provide the flexibility of freeing analysts' time for other tasks, resulting in a more efficient way of time management.

In this application note, Waters Corporation presents automated sample preparation protocols for the Andrew Alliance Andrew+ platform in conjunction with the AccQ●Tag Ultra Derivatization Automation Kit and amino acid standard kits. The AccQ●Tag Ultra Derivatization Kit for automation scales up reagent volumes necessary for use with automation systems due to their increased dead volume requirements. The reagent volumes provided allow for the preparation of up to 96 samples in a 3 x 32 sample format.