Application eBook: A complete guide to ccfDNA collection, stabilization, storage, and extraction
26 November 2021

Although it is simple to obtain through a regular blood draw, circulating cell-free DNA or ccfDNA can provide a breadth of information to researchers and clinicians. However, there are shortfalls to this utility — often concentrations of ccfDNA in plasma, serum and other body fluids are low, around 1-50 ng DNA/ml plasma, and once drawn, factors such as lysis and apoptosis of white blood cells will begin to dilute samples even further, with genomic DNA release occurring within just four to six hours.

In this eBook, we take a detailed, application-based look at some of the issues surrounding ccfDNA like blood collection, blood storage, stabilization, and transport and explore a complete medium-to-high-throughput solution from PreAnalytiX, a joint venture between BD and QIAGEN.