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Application Note: Revealing novel compounds in the biochemical hemp haystack using high-resolution ion mobility
26 October 2023

In this application note, MOBILion Systems, Inc. delves into the challenges of developing therapeutic agents from natural extracts. The complexity of these extracts, with their diverse chemical compositions, poses significant hurdles in identifying bioactive compounds. The presence of isomers, molecules with identical formulas but differing spatial arrangements, adds further complexity. The note showcases the utility of high-resolution ion mobility (HRIM) by analyzing 28 cannabinoids from cannabis sativa. The application of HRIM provides advantages like separating isobaric and isomeric compounds, potentially increasing sensitivity by reducing background noise, and adding collision cross section as a complementary identifier to mass spectra. The study employed a simple and rapid liquid chromatography method utilizing Agilent 1290 LC, an integrated MOBILion Systems MOBIE® instrument, and an Agilent 6546 Q-TOF for the analysis of 28 cannabinoids, including 15 isomers.