Application Note: Quantifying simeticone in over-the-counter medicines using FTIR spectroscopy
22 August 2023

In this application note, Specac presents experimental data on the use of Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy in the quantification of simeticone in over-the-counter medicines, and introduces the Pearl liquid transmission accessory. Quantification of the Active Pharmaceutical Product (API) in a finished product is vital to ensure the end consumer gets the correct dosage of the drug. Too little and the desired effect may not be achieved, too much and there is a risk of overdose. FTIR spectroscopy affords a rapid cheap method for the routine testing of a wide range of pharmaceuticals when enabled by time and effort saving transmission accessories. An example of recent interest to the industry is the quantification of simeticone in medicinal formulations found on the high street.