Application Note: Headspace sampling using HiSorb high-capacity sorptive extraction for flavour profiling of foods and beverages
19 May 2023

Analysis of the volatile organic compound (VOC) content of foodstuffs is an important tool in the food and beverage industry, with applications in research and development, quality control, shelf-life assessment and even detection of food fraud. In this study, Markes International demonstrates the performance of HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction probes for flavour profiling of two samples – cider and potato snacks (crisps) – contrasting the unflavoured product with those that have had flavourings added. HiSorb is a solvent-free technique utilising a high-capacity sorptive phase to ensure good extraction efficiency and is readily applicable to both headspace and immersive sampling. In conjunction with the Centri® extraction and enrichment platform, HiSorb is fully automatable.