Application Note: Does your research require high-quality and consistent rabbit recombinant antibodies?
7 December 2023

Recombinant antibodies have revolutionized the field of research, offering a more specific, consistent, and high-quality alternative to traditional antibody development methods. Rabbit recombinant antibodies have high specificity and a lower risk of cross-reactivity with other proteins, reducing the chances of false positive results. They also have a high affinity, with longer CDR3s, making them ideal for immunoassays and other applications requiring high binding capacity. This application note explores ProSci’s custom rabbit recombinant services including production and rabbit mAb conjugation services to ensure that projects move smoothly from start to finish. ProSci also offers customizable schedules, a range of screening applications, including standard ELISA, and comprehensive customizable deliverables, not just DNA sequences, giving the user everything they need to proceed with their research.