Product Brochure: Countstar Mira HT high-throughput cell analyzer
27 November 2023

In this product brochure, ALIT LifeTech Inc. presents Countstar® Mira HT, a high-throughput cell analyzer that performs both bright field and fluorescence analysis with the capabilities of high-throughput sampling. The Countstar Mira HT Cell Analyzer integrates AI-learning algorithms, innovative focusing technology, and advanced cell identification features to accurately satisfy any high-throughput counting requirements. It utilizes trypan blue and AO/PI staining to meet different viability measurement standards and also provides the ability to support GFP/RFP transfection experiments. The auto-focusing technology has been updated and the 5x optical lens is capable of analyzing cells in the range of 3–180 µm. Combined with the 8.3 MP camera, cellular images are now more defined and distinguishable.