Product Brochure: Countstar Mira FL fluorescence cell analyzer
27 November 2023

In this product brochure, ALIT LifeTech Inc presents the Countstar® Mira FL fluorescence cell analyzer, that integrates AI-based image analysis algorithms and adopts patented fixed focus and optical zoom technology to realize the identification of cell characteristics in the range of 1–180 µm. With trypan blue and AOPI staining methods, the Mira FL helps to achieve accurate counting of all types of cells and supports GFP/RFP transfection experiments. A unique feature are the pre-installed BioApps, that allow for a wide range of experiments to be performed on various organisms and deliver multiple data points to help determine cell culture status. BioApps are individually designed to fit single cell type characteristics. Their configuration can be adapted, copied, and exported to other Countstar Mira FL devices.