Application Note: Addressing the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance
19 May 2023

In this application note, Beckman Coulter addresses the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR can occur in various types of microorganisms, including fungi, parasites, viruses, and bacteria, and can be acquired from different sources such as people, animals, food, and the environment. The rapid emergence of multi-drug resistant organisms has raised concerns worldwide, leading to increased healthcare-associated infections, higher healthcare costs, treatment failures, and potential deaths. If left uncontrolled, AMR infections could cause an estimated 10 million deaths per year by 2050, surpassing cancer and traffic accidents in mortality rates.

This application note discusses the importance of antibiotic use and development in the context of microbial resistance, as well as the inefficient use of antibiotics. It also highlights the need for a comprehensive approach, emphasizing the concept of One Health, which recognizes the interconnectedness of human health, animal health, and the environment in combating AMR.