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Application Note: A practical guide to elemental analysis of lithium-ion battery materials using ICP-OES
17 March 2023

In this application note, Agilent Technologies gives an overview of the regulations and standards for batteries and battery materials and the typical elemental analysis testing for each stage of the battery lifecycle.

The lithium battery industry requires the analysis of the elemental composition of materials along the value chain:

  • Lithium and other minerals extraction: identification and quantification of elements in ores and brines, and of metal and magnetic impurities in the refining process
  • Lithium battery research and development: studying the interactions between components, studying the impact of different elements used in batteries to improve battery safety, performance, cycle life, power density, and energy density, measuring elements in decomposition products
  • Lithium battery manufacturing quality control: measuring impurities in anode, cathode and electrolyte materials, controlling any restricted elements such as lead, mercury, and chromium
  • Manufacturing environmental monitoring: ensuring factory discharges comply with regulated limits
  • Lithium battery recycling and resource recovery of valuable metal elements (Ni, Co, Mn, Li, etc.)