Application Note: A comprehensive approach for systematic screening in LC method development
5 June 2023

In this application note, Waters Corporation discusses strategies for reversed-phase liquid-chromatographic (RPLC) method development in the analytical lab. Traditional approaches of evaluating one factor at a time can be time-consuming and limit robustness. Quality-by-design (QbD) uses statistics and design of experiments (DOE) but requires specialized software and training. Systematic method development, the third option, offers a predefined experimental setup and protocol for efficient data collection and analysis in a single run. The success of systematic approaches relies on effective instrumentation and chromatography data systems (CDS). The application note presents a synergistic, systematic protocol utilizing UPLC instrumentation, sub-2-µm column chemistries, and Empower™ 3 Software, aiming to enhance efficiency, selectivity, and retention for reliable and robust separation methods.