Visualizing Wound Healing using the Spark® 20M Multimode Microplate Reader

13 November 2016

Watch this video to see how cell migration aids in wound healing, imaged using Tecan’s Spark® 20M Multimode Microplate Reader. Cell migration plays a pivotal role in numerous physiological and pathophysiological processes such as development and tissue repair. The Spark 20M reader offers automated live cell imaging to enable monitoring of growth and health of cells.

To find out more, register for our free webinar: Increased Confidence of Wound Healing Assays by Assessing Cell Migration and Cell Viability

This webinar describes the application of the Spark® multimode reader imaging capabilities for the monitoring of cell migration in the context of wound healing, using the Radius™ 96-well Cell Migration Assay as a test system. Furthermore, learn how the correlation between cellular confluence and intracellular ATP content is used as an indicator of cell viability and metabolism.