The Elix® Module

25 February 2014

There are various purification technologies that can produce Type 2 water. The most efficient way of producing Type 2 water is to begin with Reverse Osmosis and follow with either deionization (RO-DI) or Electrodeionization (RO-Elix). Millipore systems combine these technologies into a comprehensive range of systems. Watch this video to see how The Elix® Module is used to purify water. Tap water is treated by Progard cartridge and purified by Reverse Osmosis to produce RO Type 3 water that enters the Elix® Module. Ion-exchange resins in the module are continuously regenerated via an electrical current. This process requires only very small quantities of water and energy and no special maintenance or chemical regeneration is needed that would deteriorate the resin beads. This unique process has become the new standard for the production of Type 2 water and is replacing both distillation and conventional deionization units in the laboratory.