LabDCT Diffraction Contrast Tomography: Unlocking Crystallographic Information in Your Lab

5 December 2017

LabDCT (laboratory-based Diffraction Contrast Tomography) enables you to unlock crystallographic information in your lab. Achieve direct visualization of 3D crystallographic grain orientation in a non-destructive tomography environment with the LabDCT advanced imaging module. Diffraction contrast tomography (DCT), previously available only at a limited number of synchrotron X-ray facilities, can become your routine tool for non-destructive 3D grain mapping. Acquire and reconstruct crystallographic information from polycrystalline samples, such as metals and alloys. Combine grain orientation information with microstructural features observed in absorption or phase contrast tomography, e.g. cracks, porosity network, inclusions. Open new possibilities for the characterization of damage, deformation and growth mechanisms related to 3D materials science. Achieve enhanced understanding of the fundamental materials science behind these processes with microscopic imaging features in three dimensions.