Automatic single cell tracking with HoloMonitor App Suite: Accurate, real-time live cell analysis

20 September 2021

The cell-friendly HoloMonitor® cell culture microscope lets you study your cells directly inside a normal incubator, completely label-free. The HoloMonitor Single Cell Tracking assay automatically tracks the cells in your culture over time. It provides you with comprehensive data on, for example, cell movement, cell division, and cell death, both for every single cell but also for the whole cell population.
This video shows a 48-hour time-lapse with L929 mouse fibroblasts. All cells in the field of view are automatically tracked, and non-treated cells are compared with the same cells treated with the chemotherapeutic drug colcemid. It is evident that the drug not only prevents the cells from dividing but also lowers their movement to a minimum.