Advanced Analysis of Cellular Phenotypes for Drug Development with Columbus System

9 July 2015

Dr. Jarkko Ylanko from Sunnybrook Research Institute, a hospital-based research institute dedicated to the advancement of medical science, carries out on-going research into disease prevention and treatment and drug discovery. Dr. Jarkko Ylanko is able to complete multi-parametric analysis of cell states in response to varying compounds and take advantage of the high-content data that exists in phenotypic screening thanks to PerkinElmer’s Opera Phenix Screening System and Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis System. In this video he discusses how the Opera Phenix high content screening systems are the “work-horse” of the lab, enabling detection of their new fluorescent probes with its variable optical paths. He also advocates the use of the Colombus Image Data Storage and Analysis System which allows the organization and analysis of image data with its easy-to-use interface.