Achieve Sensitive Sample Preparation with the Cryolys® Evolution Cooling Unit

14 November 2017

Discover the Cryolys® cooling unit from Bertin Instruments. Installed on the top of the Precellys® Evolution tissue homogenizer without any air pipe or power cable, it is powered directly through the Precellys® unit. End-users may control both devices from a single interface, enabling them to benefit from greater performances in a minimal bench space. Cryolys® Evolution allows preventing the degradation of thermo-sensitive molecules such as RNA, siRNA, metabolites, enzymes or proteins. These molecules are subject to more and more investigations, especially in the fields of Cancer Research and Pharmacology. Cryolys® Evolution’s patented technology allows to maintain a low temperature (0°C- 10°C) before, during and after the grinding process with Precellys® Evolution.